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Gruris Team d.o.o. is small business located in Belgrade, Serbia specialized in importing, selling and distribution of italian espresso coffee and machines.


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The company was founded in 2012 with a goal of refreshing the serbian coffee market with trending products and technologies.

For the last couple of years our mission has been the same: to enable espresso fans in Serbia to prepare their own authentic italian espresso. Our service includes everything they need, under very reasonable costs.

We are currently offering several blends roasted by a famous italian brand Lucaffe, either as beans in a 1kg bag, or as paper pods made for any of our LaPiccola espresso machines available for rent.

Paper pods are very practical packs of coffee, grounded to a specific espresso grain size, made of biodegradable and, therefore, eco-friendly paper that acts as a filter which almost completely traps residues, bacteria and the majority of the waxes and fats.

Visit us in our Showroom and let us prepare you a perfect homemade espresso.


Gruris Showroom
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Gruris Showroom
Gruris Showroom
Gruris Showroom